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Play with Light in Your Kitchen Decoration

One common trap in kitchen decoration is to pay too much attention to details without taking the overall room architecture into consideration. As we all know, light, whether natural or artificial, is an important issue in the design of an interior. Windows and light openings are one of the crucial keys to setting up a proper ambiance in your kitchen. You have certainly observed that a healthy, joyful and bright kitchen always has a great source of natural light. At the opposite end, a kitchen with very few openings will look skimpy and gloomy, so a smart choice for an artificial lighting set up will be necessary.

Windows Decoration

If you are into a full scale rehabilitation project in your kitchen, the selection that follows will interest you for sure. For your inspiration, we selected twenty ideas where windows and natural light have played a major part in the concept development and the final results of the kitchen.

Materials which to choose?

There are several types of window materials that have their own good points and downsides.

The noble wooden window is a classic example. The wood is soft, it’s elegant, it is a little rustic and, more importantly, durable and environmentally friendly. The downsides? Its price tends to be very high and the frames are usually thicker, thus a there is a loss in light penetration.

Modern PVC windows are very common these days. Less noble than wood, but also much more economical, PVC offers lots of colors to complement your interior.

Finally, aluminium frames are still quite rare, but are very high in quality in insulating ability, durability and aesthetics. Aluminum windows and the return of wooden frames are the next trends to come.

And for a brighter kitchen, do not hesitate to increase the openings to the outside and replace your heavy timber doors with glass doors.

Hint: Place a mirror in front of one of your windows to optimize maximum light.

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