5 Genius Things to Try With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ideas for Thanksgiving LeftoversDo you have lots of leftovers after the big meal? Dinner is only half the holiday. Using leftovers is, to me, the perfect ending of a successful Thanksgiving! So follow these 5 tips to make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

1. Try a new lasagna recipe by layering your turkey, vegetables and gravy leftover with a delicious Béchamel sauce. Then, turn holiday leftovers into turkey soup.

2. Plan ahead for leftovers. Organize and empty your refrigerator before the big feast starts so you won’t waste time trying to jam in the leftovers after the meal. Have plenty of tin foil and containers on hand.

3. Recycle turkey carvings: lots of turkey left over from the big meal? Try one of these quick lunch fixes: turkey salad, turkey omelets, turkey nachos, or even turkey pizza.

4. Buy Chinese-food takeout boxes and fill them with the leftovers so you guests can take them home in a nice, spill-proof packaging.

5. Make the ultimate turkey sandwich. Two slices of sourdough bread and cold filling, that’s how we like it! Instead of boring mayonnaise, spread cold gravy on both pieces of bread. Then the bottom piece of bread gets a layer of cold stuffing. The add a layer of turkey and a sprinkle of salt goes in the middle. Spreads the top piece of bread with a thin layer of cold mashed potatoes, and here you are!

(Image: Kristen Taylor)

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