How to Peel Grapes Easily

peel grape easily photo

Quick tip to peel grapes

Do you like grapes, but the bitter skin around discourage you from eating some? Or you would like to prepare a batch of some delicious grape jelly? Or you simply need to feed your baby with these fresh and juicy fruits? All these tasks needing the tedious process of peeling grapes one by one… You certainly don’t like the idea of sitting half an hour, spilling juice all around to finally gather a ridiculous amount of pulp. But don’t panic, here’s an easy trick that will fix this problem.

Boil water and prepare a bowl filled with iced water (you can put ice cubes). Take a cluster of grapes and dip it a few seconds in boiling water, then stop cooking by plunging straight into cold water. You can now remove the skin without any problem!

Readers, do you have some other useful tips to get rid of the skin of grapes?

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