How to Cook Red Quinoa?

Cooking red quinoa is not very difficult but we must be careful not to get tangled bushes …With all the grain that can cook it it is easy mess up  the baking time, the amount of water, etc..
Here is my method so you do not miss out on quinoa cooking … It would be a shame to miss it anyway, it’s not that often you eat red quinoa, is it?

1 cup red quinoa = 2 cups of water
It is a rule to remember: you just have to double the amount of water. However, if you prefer, you can simply boil the quinoa in a large quantity of water.
But simply doubling the amount of water from the quinoa has three advantages:

– This saves water
– This allows not to lose fewer nutrients than quinoa in water that is then thrown out
– This allows you to cook some vegetables at the same time if you want

You put all added ingredients in a deep skillet or saucepan and add the quinoa with twice the amount of cold watert. You cook covered for 20-25 minutes.
Still check that the red quinoa does not die of thirst. If you see that lacks of water, add a little, you never know.
When you turn off the heat, know that it continues to cook quinoa (and thus inflate) if it is in a covered pan. So you can let it stand few moments or even much longer: it keeps very warm.

And do not forget that the quinoa doubles in volume when cooked.1 cup of red quinoa is more than enough for 2-3 people or 4 if you have prepared something nearby.

Quinoa Pilaf Variation

As rice can be cooked pilaf way, red quinoa can be cooked the same. Just put some sunflower oil mixed with olive oil in a pan, then pour the quinoa along with one finely chopped onion and mix vigorously in order not to burn the quinoa. You can add some herbs and/or concentrated aroma if you want something more tasty. When quinoa and onion are a little bit brown, add the famous twice the volume of cold water and let it cook covered for 20 minutes. Add some water if necessary during the cooking.

So what is your rocket science techinques to cooking the perfect red quinoa?

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