How to Choose Your Cocktail Glasses

YYour “corner bar” should be permanently equipped by a set of several types of cocktail glasses with different shapes and sizes, according to what kind of cocktail you will serve to your guests.
Apart from a few rare exceptions, cocktails are always served cold.  So if you need to prepare cocktails at the last-minute, fill the glasses with ice.

If you’ve got time, the best thing to do would be to place glasses in the refrigerator for one hour. Each cocktail or drink needs a particular glass.  Glasses must be clear so they don’t hide an essential part of a cocktail: The color.

How to choose your glasses

A set of classic glasses including water-glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes, allows you to prepare some cocktails to start off.

To serve long drinks, it is common to use high glasses, which are generally named Whisky Glasses, or tumblers.  They exist in several sizes and the force of the cocktail served, as well as its nature, should guide the choice.

All types of goblet glasses: Tulip glasses, cups, sherry glasses, bordeaux glasses, and Bourgogne glasses are well suited for cocktails, the main rule being: Always serve the stronger cocktails in the lesser volume glasses, and the most refined drinks in the thinner and more elegant glasses.

Mugs, cups, and digestive glasses complete the range of the bartender.  It is important that identical glasses are used when serving the same cocktail to several people.

The differents types of coktail glasses


libbey vina martini glass - martini cocktail glassCocktail-glass:
Also known as Martini-glass, it’s a triangular shaped glass.
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Little goblet for sweet or bitter liquors.



It is a cylindrical glass, also called “small tumbler” for nature whisky.
We can add soda and ice cubes and use it for some long drinks.


High glass or tumbler:
Tall, straight and smooth glass. It exist in various sizes. The tumbler is used for long drinks.



A glass for Cognac and Brandy.
We hold them in the palm to heat the liquid to diffuse the fragrances.



To taste champagne, sparkling wines and champagne based cocktails.



This glass is ideal for cocktail with fruit, thanks to its large edge. It is also useful for Champagne cocktails.



Small and narrow, it is also recommended for fruit brandy. We present it frozen most of the time.



To serve wines like Porto, Marsala, Vermouth and all dessert wines.



Pousse-cafe glass ( liqueur glass):
Recommended for coffee based cocktail, made with layers, in order not to mix the ingredients.



Wine glass:
Its tulip form allows to keep aromas and appreciate the scents of wines. It suits all types of drinks, even for champagne based drinks.



Old fashioned glass
Recommended for complex drinks ou cocktails decorated with fruit or small ice cubes.



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