Help! How to Add Flavor to My Dishes Without Extra Calories?

adding flavor to food with teaQuestion: I’m trying to cook healthier but I’m stuck with a flavor problem: everything I make taste bland to me and I’m always tempted to throw some bacon bits, salt or oil to make it more appealing. Also, I don’t really like using too much spices. What can I do to add flavor to my dishes without extra calories? Sent by Bastian

Editor: To easily add flavor without extra calories, here’s a secret trick: Steep a bag of your favorite  tea blend in water and use that for boiling vegetables, cooking grains or poaching fish and white meats. Black, Russian or mint tea offer strong flavored results while chamomile or herbal teas make milder additions. Feel free to experiment! Just don’t steep the tea bag for too long; otherwise the flavor can become tannic and bitter.

Here’s further reading about cooking with tea.

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