How to Make your Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is an important part of many recipes, this is typically an ingredient that spells troubles: either you buy it organic and it is quite tasty, but it costs a fortune. Either you buy mini-bags in supermarkets, full of chemical products. What to do with… Vanilla?

Always have vanilla sugar at hand

Homemade vanilla sugar is the solution that allows you to make an exquisite piece at a cost 10 times cheaper than the industrial ersatz.

A nice tight-fitting glass jar (jars that can contain 2 cups (250 g) of sugar)
Duration: 1 min per jar
Difficulty: are you serious? lol

Ingredients for 1 jar

(I put in brackets the exact product that I use myself and that I think give the best result)
– 2 cups (250 gr) powdered sugar (brown Malawi Demerara, or Mauritius Mascobado, also known as Muscuvado)
– 1 vanilla bean, Madagascar Bourbon premium


1. introduce the sugar in the jar
2. split vanilla bean in half along
3. introduce vertically in the jar
3. re-seal


18 months in a dry, ventilated and shaded placed


I personally keep three kinds of vanilla jars depending on the strength I need for the recipe I want to achieve: one with one pod, one with a one pod and half, and a final jar with 2 pods.

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