20 Fun & Cute Kitchen Timers You Can Rely On

cute fun kitchen timersThe kitchen timers everywhere in my house are kind of a mandatory thing. I love having them because I often forget things in the oven. Things like checking kids homework, cleaning stuff or just reading a good book make me completely forget chicken stock from the simmering oven, or shortbread cookies that harden like a brick. That’s why I decided that I’d share my affection for my new buddies in the kitchen with you. I’ve rounded a collection of attractive and fun kitchen timers that even kids around the house will love to use. Of course, there’s always the timer on the oven, but where’s the fun in that?

Top row:
Polder Upscale Chicken Timer, Red – $6.16 Amazon
2. Owlet Kitchen Timer, Assorted Colors, by Kikkerland – $8.64 Amazon
3. Ladybug Timer, by Kikkerland – $8.95 All Modern
4. Piggy Wiggy and Moo Moo Timers – $13.85 Amazon
5. Yellow Chicken Timer – $8.32 Amazon

Bottom row:
6. Fat Chef 60 Minutes Kitchen Timer – $15.99 Alie Express
7. Apple Pickin Timer, by Boston Warehouse -$19.10 Amazon
8. DII Kitchen Chef Decorative Kitchen Timer – $20.46 Amazon
9. Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer, by Global Decor $11.71 Amazon
10. Streamline Wise Ol’ Kitchen Timer – $9.00 Amazon

Top row:
Fried Egg Kitchen One Hour Timer – $8.99 Amazon
2. Girotondo Kitchen Timer, by Alessi –  $41.99 Amazon
3. Jo!e Whisky Analog Kitchen Timer – $6.27 Amazon
4. Quad Kitchen Timer with Whiteboard, by Taylor $14.11 Amazon
5. Little Timer, by Progressive International – $9.71 Amazon

Bottom row:
Head Chefs Timer, True Blue – $28.73 Amazon
7. Anna Time Kitchen Timer by Alessando Mendini, by Alessi – $79.00 All Modern
8. Safe Kitchen Timer, by Kikkerland – $11.33 Amazon
9. Time Bomb Timer – $9.99 Stupid
10. Digital Timer, by West Bend – $13.51 Amazon

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