General Questions

Q: Can I post your recipe on my site, Facebook page or blog?

A: All recipe photos found on are protected by copyright. Photos can be shared with a link to the original recipe. You are not allowed to copy/paste entire recipes.

Q: Can I use your photo in a round up?

A: If you are a blogger creating a round up, we would love to be included! Please feel free to use a photo with a link and we’re sure you already know this but… We ask that you do not include ingredients and/or directions.

Q:  Can I write a guest post for your site?

A:  Yes, feel free to contact us with your pitch/inquiry.

Q:  Do you work with brands or provide sponsored posts?

A:  Yes. We are always looking for awesome new products, ideas and yummy things to share with readers. Only items that are a good fit for our readers will be considered. We do not provide product reviews upon brand solicitations.

Q:  How can I get your recipes?

A:  You can subscribe to our email newsletter to receive updates including new recipes, tips, ideas and more.

Recipes Questions

Q:  How can I print your recipes?

A:  Each recipe has a print button located on top, side and bottom of the recipe.

Q: I tried your recipe and it didn’t work for me. Why?

A: Since we are not in your kitchen, we can’t say for sure why a particular recipe isn’t working for you. That being said, if a recipe isn’t working for you there are a few steps you can take.

  • First, read over the recipe and ingredients to ensure nothing was left aside.
  • Ensure you haven’t made substitutions of any sort the first time you try a new recipe.
  • If you still aren’t sure, please contact us directly and we will do our best to trouble shoot and help you along. Don’t forget to include the name or url of the recipe.

Q: Can this recipe be made with {insert ingredient here} instead?

A: The recipes we provide have been made only as written. There are literally hundreds of ingredients that can be swapped out, tested or tried. We cannot say for sure if your substitution will work or not if we haven’t personally tried it. We generally suggest trying the recipe as written the first time you make it and then adding in your own modifications.

Q: Can you provide nutritional information?

A: We are unable to provide nutritional information, except for downloadable recipe cards. Foods can vary by brand. No information on is to be taken as or considered medical information. There are many nutritional calculators online, our favorite is found at as they’ve made it very easy to include ingredients you have on hand.

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