Eating Habits – Does Eating Before Going To Sleep Really Make You Fat?

Eating Before Sleeping - Eating Before Bed It’s late, sleeping time approaches but there is one thing… You’re hungry. You’re hungry but you are afraid to store these calories in your stomach and gain some weight.
It is often said that calories intake before bed are not spent and therefore will make us gain weight… Good news, the body does not differentiate between the different periods of the day.

For example, if you drink a glass of milk in the morning or evening, your body absorbs 120 calories, it will digest and set aside as he would do with all of those that will be consumed during the day. This means that the calories eaten just before bedtime will not make us grow bigger!

So it is the total sum of the calories that are consumed during the day that will make us grow big, not when they are consumed. That said, the calories you consume before bed are often unnecessary and eaten by greed rather than real hunger. We turn more readily to the crisps, cookies, chocolate, etc.

If you have trouble falling asleep, do not eat 2-3h before going to sleep and eat neither too rich nor too heavy. If you are already used to sleeping  with something in your stomach, go ahead, relieving hunger can also help you to sleep well without getting fat.
One trick is to not eat until your stomach is full but until the feeling of hunger disappears.

Eat light. Here are some good suggestions: fish and steamed vegetables, whole wheat toast with jam without added sugar or fruit mixed with yogurt. Other slow sugar will work too.

Finally, please also pay attention to portions. If you ate lunch and didn’t eat again at 20h-21h in the evening, you will tend to compensate and to overeat later. Metabolism has been slowed by the long period of fasting and it’s now easier to store calories in fat reserves.

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