How to Eat Well – 5 Best Practices To Use During Meals

How to Eat Well - 5 Healthy Meal Habits - How To Make A Healthy Meal

Watching our alimentation is an important point when deciding to start a healthy diet, but it is not everything! Indeed, we must learn to change some of our eating habits to optimize each of our meals. To learn how to eat well, here are 5 habits to consider.

1. Observe the following organization

Observe the following organization: starter + main course + dessert. It’s an overlooked fact but a starter is often low in calories (salad, veggies, etc.) and can fill our stomach and reduce hunger. Result: we don’t take servings of the main course several times (often more calories) and we’re just pecking at dessert.

2. The timing of the meal should be the subject of special attention

The timing of the meal should be the subject of special attention. Needless to repeat, it is not advisable to eat in front of the television or in a state of stress. Eating well takes time. In fact, if we don’t focus on what we eat, our body won’t understand that we have just had a full meal. We will be tempted to snack a few hours later. So let’s stay calm and enjoy every bite.

3. Chew each bite slowly

Chew each bite slowly. The effect is twofold: first, the feeling of fullness comes quicker and you become very conscious of what you swallow, you feel the real taste, and secondly, it makes digestion easier for your stomach. So you eat less and digest better!

4. Stop eating when you’re full

 Stop eating when you’re full. This advice may seem obvious, but it is rarely followed! Indeed, it is not unusual that we continue to peck on our plates when we are satisfied for some time. If you feel that you’re full, stop eating and keep the dessert for later. This would be a shame to eat food and calories you don’t really want, that you could really enjoy at another time, right?

5. Vary your meals

Vary your meals. It’s not just about how to eat well, but also knowing what to eat! You should vary your meals so you don’t become frustrated while remaining within your diet. Say goodbye to diet plans consisting of a single food! If you are satisfied with your dinner, you will reduce the risk of falling for sweets after 11pm.

Now you know how to eat when you’re dieting. But I will not leave you without one last little trick. As part of a diet, drinking a full glass of water 20 minutes before the meal is a natural appetite suppressant. To finish a meal with green tea will help digestion.

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