How to Use a Creme Brulee Torch with great results

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Nothing sounds more delicious and lavish than the sound of the cracking of the caramel shell from a creme brulee. The use of a torch for creme brulee has become a frequent occurrence in the common kitchen, but you have to take some safety precautions and to know to use it to obtain a satisfactory result.
Using a creme brulee torch is not complicated if you follow the instructions. Initially, we used a blowtorch before seing the birth of these models specially designed for the kitchen. To use a burner creme brulee torch, we must first know how to operate it properly, how to handle and then use it for desserts or for hors d’oeuvres.

The instructions of the burner

We must begin by setting up the gas cartridge and turn the dial. Even beginners can practice this without difficulty.

Using a creme brulee torch for other desserts

Using a creme brulee torch even if its name is to believe, it is not just for crème brûlée, but also for other desserts. It can be used for meringue as it is more efficient than grill and you get a nice golden color.

Using a creme brulee for entries

You can use a creme brulee torch for appetizers. You may, for example, use the torch to melt cheese placed on canapes or toast without altering the bread or blini.

For hors d’oeuvres, we may have to peel vegetables such as peppers and burn the skin without cooking the vegetable. It’s better than the oven. We can use it forpepper gazpacho for example.

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