The 14 Ultimate Corkscrew Gifts for Wine Lovers

corkscrew gifts wine loversLet’s be clear once for all. If a friend or family member on your list is a wine lover, he or she does not want a scarf with a picture of wine on it for Christmas, nor a calendar with vineyards photographs. Your favorite wine enthusiast wants something that help to expand his love for wine. And what object would be more meaningful and personalized than a beautiful corkscrew? To help you make a thoughtful gift this year, here are 14 corkscrews you favorite wine lover will be thrilled to find beneath the tree.

1. Two-prong Cork Puller, by Monopol – $32.50 Amazon
2. Hammered Head Bottle Opener, by Humbra – $15.00 Amazon
3. Winged Lever Model Corkscrew, by Le Creuset – $60.00 Amazon
4. Knives No. 10 Corkscrew Knife with Beech Wood Handles by Opinel – $25.85 Amazon
5. Vertical Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew, by Metrokane – $44.05 Amazon
6. Penguin Corkscrew, by Kikkerland – $11.00 Amazon
7. Pirate Waiter’s Friend bottle opener, design by Nick Lerwill – $15.00 Suck
8. Wood Professional Corkscrew, by True Fabrications – $9.99 Amazon
9. Prism Corkscrew, designed by Fort Standard – $18.00 Walker Shop
10. Metallic Red Truetap Double Hinged Corkscrew, by True – $9.16 Amazon
11. Foil Cutter & Corkscrew by Laguiolle – $87.50 Bliss Home
12. Whimsy animal corkscrew – $29.99 Red Envelope
13. Airplane Corkscrew – $21.99 Sportys
14. Flower Corkscrew – $13.96 Crate and Barrel

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