Fruit Baskets: How to Stage Fruit in the Kitchen

For a fruity atmosphere in the kitchen and the dining table, don’t bet only on ground covering accessories which take the dust all year long! The fruits themselves, if properly directed, are enough to set the tone. A touch of freshness to a natural presentation.

Make some room for originality with contemporary fruits baskets and racks

No more fruit piled on each other in a ultra-common basket. Invite them to be part of the scenery through a contemporary fruit basket design that will enlighten them. These compositions are similar to rectangles or stainless steel rings, to vermicelli or bamboo sculptures.

The shelves also allow to expose seasonal fruits with style.

Daring shapes to sublimate the table

To sublimate the kitchen table at mealtime, choose this time of fruit baskets forming a pyramid as if it were a display cake.If the table is large enough, play on the accumulation by aligning two or three of these pyramids to accentuate the sophisticated effect. In the same vein, column vases filled with fruit are great allies of the tableware.
They give an aesthetic, perfect for receiving guests for dinner. But beware not to leave your fruit over an evening with the risk they deteriorate, this decor is always ephemeral!

Top 5 of  the most popular Contemporary fruit baskets and racks on Amazon:

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