The Ultimate Items List for Coffee Lovers

Our morning doesn’t really start until we’ve had our coffee and if you’re anything like us, you just can’t get enough of the stuff. Here are 10 coffee accessories list to help you brew the perfect cup:


1. Hario Ceramic V60 Coffee Dripper

If you want a zen morning  experience, the V60 Coffee Dripper is for you.
Hario Ceramic V60 Coffee Dripper – $24.95 from Crate and Barrel. [Purchase]


2. Coffee Talk Dish Towel

Give your kitchen some pizzaz with this playful and cute dishtowels.
Coffee Talk Dish Towel $5.95 from Crate and Barrel. [Purchase].


3. Burr Coffee Grinder

If you love fresh coffee, you know there’s nothing better than grinding your beans at the last minute!
Burr Coffee Grinder – $249.00 from Amazon. [Purchase].


4. Rösle Coffee Scoop

Are you looking for the secret for brewing the perfect cup? The Rösle Coffee Scoop measures out the ideal amount of ground coffee. It’s also handy when you need to add a bit of sugar to your morning cuppa.
Rösle Coffee Scoop – $14 from Williams-Sonoma [Purchase]


5. Studio Dark Clay Large Mug

Designer for Jono Pandolfi made this mug just like one of those products you buy in life that you just love every time you use.
Studio Dark Clay Large Mug – $6.95 at Crate and Barrel. [Purchase].


6. Espro Travel Press with Coffee Filter

Prepare a fantastic cup of coffee, even when you’re on the go!
Espro Coffee Travel Press $34.95 from Amazon. [Purchase].


7. Le Creuset Stoneware Coffee Storage Jar

As a coffee lover you want to keep your ground coffee as fresh as possible and this wonderful Le Creuset coffee container will welcome it perfectly. It’s ideal for the kitchen counter or on the coffee station.
Le Creuset Stoneware Coffee Storage Jar – $49.95 from Amazon. [Purchase].


8. Thermal Vacuum Coffee Carafe

With a looks good on the table or your desk, the Thermal Vacuum Coffee Carafe will keeps your beverages at hand and warm for hours.
Thermal Vacuum Coffee Carafe – $49.90 from Amazon. [Purchase].


9. Redecker Espresso Brush

This soft-bristled brush is well suited for clearing coffee grounds and residue from your espresso machine or coffee grinder. Redecker Espresso Brush – $14.95 from Sur la Table. [Purchase].


10. Chilewich Coffee Boucle Placemat

This sophisticated placemat will fit particularly well on a contemporary place setting.
Chilewich Coffee Boucle Placemat – $16.00 from Sur la Table. [Purchase].

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