10 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Both functional space and meeting place, the kitchen is the true heart of the home. Whether your kitchen is ridiculously huge or impressively small, here are 10 storage tips to make the most of your available space and keep everything neat and organized.

1. Repurpose a reclaimed cabinet

reclaimed kitchen furniture for storage
Old file drawers or vintage cabinets with multiple small stories can be more useful than standard kitchen cabinets because they allow you to store lot of your your small items and gadgets, which tend to get lost in large kitchen cabinets and drawers. Hunt one at flea markets and antique shops for a contrasting and eclectic look in your kitchen. You can also completely revamp an old cabinet and customize it like a brand new one! Photo by Chris A. Dorsey.

2. Build up from floor to ceiling

kitchen pantry organization
Sometimes more is really all the solution you need. From the floor to the ceiling, around the door frames, open shelving is versatile, easy to set up and can look wonderful. Design by Strandemo & Associates, Phoenix.

3. Hook and hang your cookware

ktchen cookware storage
It’s not unusual to see pots and pans hung on hooks on kitchen walls or above the kitchen island, but sometimes that storage solution just doesn’t fit well with a home’s aesthetic. We love the idea of your most-used pots and pans hung from a bar under your kitchen island; since they’re not at eye level, they’re discreet, yet still handy. Photo by Sarah Natsumi Moore.

4. Create a specific drawer for vegetables

kitchen storage ideas
Many vegetables like squash or potatoes can be kept in a temperate, dark place. As they can last for up to several weeks, we risk to forget them; so dedicating a specific open drawer for vegetables is a good way to keep them as a reminder to be used. Plus, it will clear up valuable countertop and pantry space. Design by Kent Kitchen Works, New York.

5. Use mobile storage solutions

new york kitchen storage space
If your kitchen lacks of storage space, a two or three tiered rolling kitchen cart is an option to consider. It will act as a mobile countertop space wherever you need it while it allows you to store bulky appliances or large pans and cookware. Kristen Rivoli Interior Design, New york.

6. Place utensils within your reach

small kitchen utensils storageOverall, you should organize your kitchen to reflect the way you cook. Why not placing your spatulas, spoons, and the like right in arm’s reach of your stove instead of stuck into a jar at the end of the counter? Think about the other tools and ingredients you use regularly like herbs and spices and see how you can optimize their placement. A wall rack doesn’t cost a lot and you can place it exactly how to want. Design by Burns and Beyerl Architects.

7. Stack up some baskets

kitchen storage tricks

Baskets are simply genius. Many of us have a bin or two in our kitchens, but how about using them to fill any dead space? Paperwork, keys, gadget and other small utensils can easily find their place separated in a collection of baskets arranged on a set of basic shelves. Photo via Maison Maison.

8. Hide Your Appliances

kitchen organization ideasInstall bulky appliances like microwave or coffee maker behind your cabinet doors or like this example, behind the microwave! This will free up precious countertop space for more of your favored items. Hulburd Design.

9. Custom cabinets all the way

kitchen organization solutionsIf your kitchen is very tiny, consider custom built cabinets so you can save any inch left for storage space. This is especially necessary in old apartments where your cannot always squeeze in standard manufactured cabinets. Via Lauren Minkus.

10. Open shelves are handier than you think

above sink kitchen storageIf your cabinets are stuffed with small items, spice jars, half empty rice packets, stacks of bowls and more, you might spend more time than necessary to spot this cooking gadget you need immediately. Open shelvings allow to display your utensils and pantry items so you can embrace them all at once. As you can easily fix the space between each shelves, you wont waste any space available. Photo by Teri Lyn Fisher.

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