The 10 Coolest Spices Racks for your Kitchen

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1. Canister Magnetic-Strip Spice Rack — $19.39 via

Personalized Glass Favor Jars image

2. Personalized Glass Favor Jars set — $27.00 via

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3. Jar Orbit Spice Rack — $44.99 via


4. Aperture Spice rack  —$89 by

best Wall Mounted Spice Rack picture

5.  Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack — $15.04 via

Stainless Steel Spice Rack image

6. Stainless Steel Spice Rack — $24.97 via

Bamboo Spice Rack picture

7. Bamboo 16 Filled Bottle Spice Rack — $37.02 via

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8. Spice Rack - The Sous Chef Plus — $42.00 via

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9. 1 Line Spice Rack — $199.00 on

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10. Ecology 6 Piece Herb Rack — $39.95 on

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Spices are the pepper of life, so to speak. So if your spices are disorganized, what does that say about your life? Don’t worry, though; there is hope for those of us who cannot find what we’re looking for between our packs of fennel seeds, cinnamon or nutmeg!

And the answer is… spice racks. Yes, it looks too simple a solution, but spice racks really make a big difference for those who use more than three or four spices in their cooking routines. There are several types of spice racks for you to choose from. Need help deciding which is best for you? Here is a selection of the best spice racks to better organize your precious ingredients.

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