How to Choose the Best Kitchen Lighting

adjacent wall kitchen natural lighting

Kitchen lighting is the most important aspect of your kitchen design. Todays kitchens have become a place for the family to come together. It has become the center of activity for the whole family. It is, perhaps, the busiest of all rooms in your home.

A good kitchen lighting plan makes working in your kitchen easier and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the whole family. When you plan out the kitchen lighting ensure that the lighting does not cast any shadows and at the same time it is glare-free.

What is the best source of light for kitchens?

The best source of light for kitchens as well as any other light is the sun and sunlight can enter the kitchen through windows, skylights & doors. It is important to note how many windows and skylights bring light in your kitchen and at what time of the day. Does it light up the whole kitchen while giving you enough light in your work area?


How to get enough sunlight in your kitchen

Two adjacent windows on two adjacent walls will bring in better light. Where it is not possible to have two windows adjacent to each other, a skylight will help. Lighting above the stove or counter tops will help you see what you’re working on better. Other sources of light are the bay and bow windows, garden with french doors. Glass blocks bring soft diffused light to your kitchen. These also provide privacy and insulation.


What about other kitchen lights?

If you find that the natural sunlight coming into your kitchen is not enough, you will then need to go for artificial lights which are strong & shadowless right over your work area, the rest of the lighting for your kitchen need only be bright enough for you to move around safely.

kitchen cabinet cove lighting

Coves above or below your kitchen cabinets are a good way to have diffused, soft, ambient light. Having these kitchen lights with dimmer controls will let you decide the mood in your kitchen. You can turn them up while working or dim them later for a romantic dinner.

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