Dining Room: 5 Simple Ways to Add Color to a White Wall

White walls are a timeless classic. They go with everything, and they can help to make rooms look larger. The drawback is they can also become kind of boring after a while. But whether you have white walls just because you like them — or because you’re in a rental and painting isn’t an option — you probably do want a little color in your home, at least. Luckily, it’s very easy to do, as there are plenty of great ways to bring color into your dining room. Just have a look at these 5 inspirations!


(Credit photo:  1. Via A Few Things From My Life, eclectic dining room, London / 2. David Lauer Photography, eclectic dining room, Denver / 3. Rikki Snyder, eclectic dining room, New York / 4. Heather Garrett Design, contemporary dining room, Raleigh / 5. Elan Designs, eclectic dining room, Los Angeles)

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