What Are the Best Colors to Enlarge a Small KItchen?

When you don’t have any room left in your small kitchen; when you already have over-optimized everything regarding storing ingredients and equipment, you might feel a bit disappointed because despite all of your efforts, your lovely kitchen still looks small and crowded. So your question might be, “How can I give an impression of space in my small kitchen ?”

The answer doesn’t lie in more space optimization, but rather in the colors you choose for your cooking space. You should choose the right combination of colors that will not only affect the mood, but also the optical effects of your kitchen.

So what are the best colors to enlarge a small kitchen visually?

coloring a small kitchen photos

To enlarge a small kitchen, it is best to choose light and cool colors because they are the most effective in terms of optical illusion. Our brain associates light blue and green with the sky, ocean  or any other quiet and open natural space. So avoid warm colors like red, orange, or lemon green because despite being very cozy, they tend to shrink space and are better suited for mid to large sized rooms.

blue small kitchen color

colors traditional kitchen photoPHOTO: www.vermontintegratedarchitecture.com

You can choose light purple or pale green which will enlarge the room. Pastel colors will give a quieter and more romantic mood.

best colors for a small kitchen picturesPHOTO: www.danwaibel.com

But for a more modern and dramatic effect, turn your walls into vivid sky blue.

contemporary materials for a small kitchen photosPHOTO: www.cgapartners.net

Then do not hesitate to play with materials by choosing glossy paint or panels that reflect light and give a feeling of space as well. Just like a mirror would do.

painting a small kitchen photoPHOTO: www.borkarch.com

Finally, one last trick to expand a small kitchen room with color: paint the opposite walls in a darker color (use a cold color still) and the other two with a lighter color. The contrast always provides a nice perspective effect!

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