Pantry Organization: 10 Affordable Glass Jars

If you’re into re-organizing your kitchen (just like me at this very moment!), maybe you need to update your good old containers… Storing flour, sugar and other pantry staples can be tricky if your old jars don’t seal very well, especially if there’s a ants attack in this beginning of spring! While I was scouring the web to find good products I realized how great it would be to have a set of containers wide enough to dip the whole measuring cup or in. And as labeling everything can be tedious, I excluded everything that was opaque like ceramic or wood. For those of you who are wary about using plastic containers, there is only one option then: glass jars! So here are my 10 recommendations for affordable wide-mouth containers to renew your pantry.

1st row:
1. Glass Cracker Jars with Aluminum Lids – $3.99 to $6.99 Container Store
2. Large Chalk Label Glass Storage Jar, by Housewares International – $24.42 Amazon
3. Montana Glass Jar with Silver Lid, 1.5 gal – $14.99 Amazon
4. Large Glass Kitchen Jar – $14.99 World Market
5. Vibe Storage Jars, Set of 6, by Libbey – $23.68 Amazon

2nd row:
6. Chalkboard Jars – $10.00 to $14.00 Pier 1
7. BURKEN Jar with lid, clear glass, aluminum – $3.99 Ikea
8. Penny Candy Jar, 1-Gallon, by Anchor Hocking – $5.96 Amazon
9. Stackable Square Glass Jars With Lids – $2.99 to $5.99 World Market
10. Heritage Hill Glass Cookie/Candy Jar, by Anchor Hocking – $7.44 Amazon


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