Punch Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Easy-to-Do Decorating Ideas

by Jason Chambers – Updated Aug 21, 2020
Punch Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Easy-to-Do Decorating Ideas
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Sometimes a kitchen can feel boring and need a good refreshing twist, but it doesn’t have to take weeks of hesitation if you want to jazz it up. After scouring the web for good ideas and products, we came out with these five suggestions for a chic and fun kitchen. Bonus? Most of them are also easy to do!

Use wire storage as a decor accent

best kitchen decorating idea

Beside a lovely vintage look, the bonus of wire storage is that it allows you to see what’s inside, transforming your items into a part of your decor. Try hanging a few wire baskets on a plain wall in your kitchen and fill them with colorful produces — peppers, tomatoes, zucchini or fennel bulbs. Design & photo by Hardoor.


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Blend black-and-white to add both charm and character

chic kitchen decorating idea

Perking up large white areas with small amounts of black details is a timeless and chic decorating trick. Warm the space with natural wood and you get a no-fail combination. Photo by James Knowler for One Small Room.


Armen Living Halo 30″ Barstool, Black – $140.70 from Amazon. [Purchase]


Rocco Light Pendant, Black – $71.33 from Amazon. [Purchase]

Chalk up your walls


Kitchen walls are often underrated. This decorating tip is a great way to add depth and interest into your kitchen. Paint an accent wall in chalkboard paint of any color you like (black is not the only choice) and let the family write up the weekly meal planning and the grocery list. Photo by Steve Tsai photography for Affecting Spaces.

Less is more—minimalism all the way!


Resist the urge to crowd your compact kitchen with fancy decor elements that add unwanted visual bulk. Instead, stick with features with clean, simple lines that are visually on the lighter side and don’t consume too much floor space. Design by Vertebrae Architecture.

Give your kitchen a gallery-like feel


Display a collection of decorative plates or a colorful painting to create a gallery-like feel that tones down the functional aspect of your kitchen.


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